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Door Closers

We install/maintain many different types of door closers to ensure reliable closing of doors

Door Closers must work properly to ensure security and fire integrity

Door Closers can and do last for many years but occasionally they may need adjusting and like shock absorbers on cars they need replacing once they lose their hydraulic action.

  • Overhead Door Closers
  • Adjusting Overhead Door Closers
  • Transom Door Closers
  • Adjusting Transom Door Closers
  • Hydraulic Action Door Closers
  • Parallel Arm Door Closers
  • Size 1-6 Door Closers
  • Backcheck Door Closers
  • Delayed Action Door Closers
  • Hold Open Arm Door Closers

Goodall Locksmith can service all types and makes of door closer.

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