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UPVC Multipoint Door Locks

Often, problems with locking UPVC doors are due to alignment problems and can be solved by adjustment.

Sometimes, UPVC multipoint mechanisms break after many years and need to be replaced. Even if your original UPVC door lock is discontinued, we can fit a a modern replacement lock for you

Whatever the problem, we will be able to come up with a cost-effective solution for you.

Three common types of locking mechanisms:

1) Lever/Pad Operation (usually front door)- When closed the door is locked on the latch and cannot be opened from the outside without a key. To double lock the door, lift up the handle to engage the locking points and then turn the key once to lock. To unlock, if the door has been double-locked, turn the key once, push handle down, turn key furthur to unlock latch.

2) Lever/Lever Operation (usually back door) - Lift the handle to engage the locking points and then turn the key once to lock. To unlock turn the key once, and push down the handle.

3) Key Wind Operation (front or back door) - Turn the key 2 or more times to fully engage all of the locking points. To unlock turn the key 2 or more times to release the locking points.

Always Double-lock your UPVC door

UPVC doors that have just been pulled shut on the latch are not secure.

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